Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • What is the turnaround time?  There is no guarantee as far as time goes.  Things like holidays, illness, COVID, etc can impact schedules but the typical turnaround time is 2.5-3 weeks from the time your core is received.
  • Are upgrades rebuilds?  NO.  Pumps are only broken down to the point required to perform the element upgrade and calibrate the pump.  Everything touched is cleaned and resealed.  Pumps sent in must be in good working order. We have seen pumps missing shut off valves, rack limiters, delivery valve holders, etc.  We need a complete pump except were noted in the delivery instructions. 
  • Flyweights.  Occasional worn pumps will need flyweights corrected.  This is about a $100 to reshim them by a qualified 3rd party.
  • Climbing RPM. I started my om60x on a stand and it seems to climb in RPM.  We have seen this occur where the engine has no load.
  • Warranty?  Our warranty covers Dieselmeken parts and the labor performed to perform the upgrade.  This is a lifetime warranty.  Warranty is void if any substance other than diesel is run through the upgraded pumps or pumps have been disassembled without our direction.  Warranty does not include recalibration of pumps after initial use.
  • Troubleshooting.  We will always try to assist in troubleshooting issues but most problems come down to improper installation.  Stroke cycle, fuel supply, and timing are the most common issues but we are limited in what we can do without being physically present.
  • Installation services.  We do not install injection pumps or perform work on customer's vehicles.
  • Shipping.  If we ship your pump to a partner, unbuilt pumps are insured for $500 and fully built pumps are insured for $999.  If you would like additional insurance, additional fees will apply.  Any damage done during the shipping process will only pay out the maximum insured value, thus if you order a pump upgrade and a carrier loses your pump yet there is evidence it was shipped, the maximum reimbursement is $999 - not to value of your core and another upgrade service.  Please let us know if you would like full coverage.